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Welcome to Rise Launch

Invest in business & human potential. Become a Rise Launch Investor and help empower entrepreneurs with mental health & addiction challenges.

At Rise, we believe entrepreneurship has the power to change the lives of people living with mental health and addiction challenges. We provide access to free training programs, low-interest loans, mentorship, and other custom supports to help entrepreneurs of all ages develop their ideas and build the skills and confidence to launch a small business and succeed in a changing world.

With Rise Launch, you’re offering a hand up, not a handout.

As a Launch Investor, your money will punch well above its weight. When translated into a Rise loan, a few thousand dollars can finance equipment to start a landscaping company or buy a laptop to make a small bookkeeping enterprise possible. And we know that small businesses strengthen our communities and change lives.

We’re asking Launch Investors to consider a three-year commitment to Rise. Here’s the depth of impact that your annual investment can have:

$3,000 can provide an entrepreneur with access to Rise custom supports for a year, including the support of a Business Advisor, mentorship, training resources and more.
$4,000 can fund a life-changing low-interest loan that will help an entrepreneur launch and grow their business.
$7,000 can empower an entrepreneur with the full Rise experience — from custom supports to business loans — to launch their dreams and achieve their potential.


Interested in learning more about Rise and becoming a Launch Investor?

Join us on a 30-minute virtual tour of our work. You’ll learn about the organization, meet Rise clients, and have a chance to ask your questions of our CEO and Launch Investors.

Our next tour will be on December 2. Register here: https://risehelps.ca/RiseLaunchRSVP/