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People often ask us how we choose who gets a loan.

Rise’s lending decisions are made by an autonomous Loan Review Committee comprised of skilled volunteers representing the geographic regions in which we operate. The Loan Review Committee meets regularly to evaluate loan applications that meet our eligibility requirements and provides expert recommendations that contribute to financing decisions and approvals.

We follow a character-based lending approach, which means we focus on the person AND the business. It’s not just about their credit score, it’s about their commitment to getting their finances back on track and the viability of their business.

Giving a few hours of time each month, our Loan Review Committee volunteers can make a big impact on many people’s lives.

We’re always looking to meet new experts to join our Loan Review Committee. Do you have business knowledge and experience to share?

Who you are

You’ve launched a small business and know the pitfalls a new owner faces. Or you’ve built a career with subject matter expertise. You have a unique perspective on business and want to share your knowledge.

Make a difference

When you join our Loan Review Committee, you become a catalyst for helping people who have struggled with mental health and addiction challenges realize their entrepreneurial dreams and untapped potential. This is your chance to make a difference, fight stigma and learn about new business ideas, while giving back to your community.

What do I have to do?

Being a committee member is easy! You’ll spend 2-4 hours each month reviewing business plans and join our meetings (in-person or virtually) to make your expert recommendations. Join us for a minimum of one year and see the difference you can make!