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Choose. Give. Impact someone’s future.

    1. 1
    2. $100 - Recruit and train one Rise Mentor

      Rise matches every lending client with a volunteer mentor who provides guidance, knowledge, and inspiration. Think about the mentors who have shaped your life and career, and honour them with a gift that supports Rise in recruiting and training volunteers.

    1. 2
    2. $500 - Give a Rise client a laptop

      Picture your work day. Now imagine trying to work without a computer. Your generous gift represents an essential everyday tool for a small business – a laptop for research, bookkeeping, tracking inventory, communication and creativity.

    1. 3
    2. $1,000 - Support a youth in Rise programming for one year

      Just imagine the difference you can make by supporting a youth using Rise services tots whole year. Your gift of $1,000 represents the cost of youth receiving education, training, and resources like our classroom programs, online entrepreneurship curriculum, and group business coaching. Help one youth get their business idea moving.

    1. 4
    2. $3,000 - Support one entrepreneur for a year

      This gift provides one-on-one coaching from our expert staff. We begin by helping the entrepreneur finesse their business idea and working closely with them through the business planning and loan application stages. Once they have received financing, we continue to support them throughout the first year of business, tracking their progress and providing valuable.

    1. 5
    2. $4,000 - Loan capital for one entrepreneur

      Helping an entrepreneur get their idea off the ground and improving their lives is what we’re all about. This gift represents the average amount of a Rise low-interest loan with no security or guarantee and with zero hidden fees. We are a character-based lender, providing loans to reliable entrepreneurs who are unable to secure capital from other sources.

  • Peer Supported Training Client

  • “The Rise program has completely transformed toy life. I took everything I have learned to build a business that I not only love, but I am also very proud of. Thanks to this business I am now able to fully financially support myself by doing something I love.”

Join Friends of Rise

As a member, you will receive regular updates about how your donation is creating meaningful social change and impacting the lives of Rise clients.


All levels will receive a tax receipt, Impact Report, and newsletter

$1,000 and above:

  • all of the above, plus;
  • annual invitation for you and a guest to attend Rise’s signature event, the Garfinkel Awards, to celebrate stories of client success
  • annual invitation to attend the Rise Holiday Market along with the opportunity to purchase wonderful items made by Rise clients

$3,000 and above:

  • all of the above, plus;
  • one other engagement opportunity annually (TBD)