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This isn’t just about business potential, it’s about human potential—both Rise clients’ and yours.

By becoming a Rise Launch Investor, you will be joining a community of care that’s dedicated to both supporting and understanding entrepreneurship differently. Every dollar you contribute will have a real and direct impact in the lives of the individuals at the heart of our work. Further, you will unlock access to an eye-opening education in how together, we can empower greater social and economic inclusion through entrepreneurship.

Here’s what we’ll commit to you.

As an Launch Investor:

  1. You will be invited to participate alongside your fellow Ignite Investors in live and interactive sessions to learn more about Rise’s work, explore how mental health can create barriers to employment, and the role of entrepreneurship in overcoming them.
  2. You will be invited to Rise special events and initiatives, including Rise program graduation ceremonies, awards ceremonies, and the Rise Holiday Market.
  3. You will be invited to participate in periodic mentoring and networking events with Rise clients, volunteers, and partners, as well as fellow Launch Investors.
  4. You will be invited to an exclusive annual meeting of Ignite Investors and other Rise partners to hear updates on the state of the organization from Rise’s CEO.
  5. With your consent, your name will be listed on the forthcoming Rise Virtual Donor Wall to recognize the indelible impact of your investment.You can be involved as much or as little as you like, but we guarantee that through a variety of meaningful engagements, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from the expertise and life experiences of Rise clients; to celebrate their achievements and resiliency; and to encourage them on their business journeys.

Now, here’s the impact you can have.

We are asking Launch Investors to make a three-year commitment to Rise to ensure more stable, sustainable support for our clients.

Here is the depth of impact that your annual Rise Launch investment can have:

$3,000/year will support one entrepreneur’s access to Rise wrap-around services for a full year.
$4,000/year will support a tangible, life-changing small business loan to help one entrepreneur launch and grow their business each year.
$7,000/year will support one entrepreneur’s full annual experience – from wrap-around services to business loan – to help them ignite their dreams and achieve their potential.

As an Launch Investor, you’re investing in more than a charity or a program.

You’re investing in things like the skills an entrepreneur needs to succeed in a changing economy and changing world—skills like critical thinking, communication, creativity, and collaboration.

You’re investing in the invaluable experience of mentorship and fostering a network of influencers and advisors that our clients may not have a chance to meet otherwise.

But most importantly, you’re investing in individuals and their dreams to overcome mental health and addiction challenges, own their own business, support themselves and their families, and contribute to the Canadian economy – especially in a post-COVID environment – through entrepreneurship.
You are investing in people like Mary Kalanuk.

At a time when she was experiencing depression and feeling disconnected from her community, Mary found affirmation and encouragement in Rise. With the support of her Business Advisor, a mentor and low-interest loans, she launched Calgary-based Honest to Dog—an online custom pet accessories boutique that has grown through the pandemic and is now ready to start serving customers globally.

There are countless more Marys out there, and with your support, we can help to empower countless more.

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